20ft Backlit LED Wall

Couture Tradeshow LED Backwall

20ft Backlit LED Wall

Bright Art lifts up the mood at Couture Show Las Vegas

For the 2018 Couture show in Las Vegas, airborne visuals provided client Rockhouse West with TWO aluminum extrusion frames standing side by side to create an illuminated LED backwall of approx. 20′ x8′. The choice of LED was largely informed by the booth encased configuration between 2 walls with low ceiling offering very little light. The designer used high resolution artwork to create an ambiance rather thank your typical branding and tag lines .

Low ceiling? Use it to your advantage with backlit graphics.

When exhibiting in enclosed booth configuration with low ceiling, you are facing a shortage of light and a slightly “claustrophobic” space that may not be very welcoming to some people. Airborne Visuals LED Graphic backwalls are one of the easiest and effective way to turn the situation to your advantage. Thanks to the low ceiling and enclosed walls, the backlit graphics will appear even brighter and filled the entire space, creating an uplifting mood and environment without the usual ambiant lights from exhibit hall.

Creating a Mood vs. Branding

The artwork used for the space has no tag line, no name, no branding. The image file is a high resolution scan of a floral drawing that is divided between 2 panels and perfectly butts between the 2 frames. The result is a colorful, artistic, bright display wall that creates an uplifting and welcoming mood for the space. Attendees who are walking the aisle were hard pressed to miss the eye-catching display and were drawn by the “artsy” features of the booth.

Modular Solution on wheels: 2 cases + 2 frames = 20′ LED wall

The extrusion system was custom-cut to fit the encased booth which had to be smaller than a standard 20′ length space. Each approx. 10′ x 8′ frame includes qty(4) 40″ to 55″ aluminum sections that assemble using brackets to create 2 separate frames with their separate LED strips, power supply and SEG fabric panel. SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics and allows you to interchange your design at will (See our post about SEG). Not only is it easier to transport and assemble 2 displays than a single, larger one but it also provides the exhibitor the ability to use 1 or 2 backwalls separately.

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Backlit Backwalls
Backlit Backwalls

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