10ft LED Video Wall Booth at Educause 2021 in Philadelphia

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10ft LED Video Wall Booth at Educause 2021 in Philadelphia

10′ Trade Show video wall with 2D/3D animation at Philadelphia Convention Center

LED Wall Video is loading.  Click on above image to start or click here to open in YouTube

Path HQ’s 10×30′ exhibit is turning heads at Educause 2021 in Philadelphia

PathHQ hired airborne visuals to design their 10×30′ exhibit space featuring a 10’w x 8′ high LED Video wall using PanoLED 2.5mm pitch HD tiles.

Take an inside look at EDUCAUSE 2021 in Philadelphia last week. Find out how client Path made best use of a 10’x30’ island space thanks to a 10’x8’ #videowalls with P2.5mm LED tiles technology from .

Installation and Dismantle Union Labor requirements   

A 10’x30′ exhibit booth requires the use of labor from local union. Airborne visuals provided 2 x union stagehands to set up and dismantle the entire exhibit: wood vinyl tiles flooring, exhibit frame system with custom graphics (to host the LED tiles), Finally, the electrician union has jurisdiction over any powered.  All labor is to be hired for teardown as well.

Airborne Visuals provided On-Site labor Supervision and tech support.

Creating and playing contents on 10′ LED Video Wall has never been so easy.

Listen to Brittany Cooper from PATH‘s testimonial on how “It made people stop and was a great talking point leading to meaningful conversations”.

Video Tiles at Pennsylvania Convention Center

At Airborne Visuals we can help you bring your newest video on the show floor. Is your organization ready to wow your audience?

File Requirements for a 2-minute looping video.

The 6 wide x 4 high = 24 PanoLED tiles are mounted together to create a seamless 10′ x8′ wall.  Each tile being 192 x 192 pixels, CSI talented design team needed to create a video at a resolution of 1152 x 768 pixels, which translates into a custom aspect ratio of 3:2.  At this resolution the video saved as a mp4 file was 100 MB.

Making a large-scale presentation on the video wall.

By connecting a computer using HDMI cable, CSI staff was able to toggle between the looping video and a presentation (incl. Windows Powerpoint) directly from their laptop.

Are you interested in using Video animations?  Click to learn about Duo PanoLED integration

We can easily integrate ultra-slim HD video tiles into your exhibit design using the Duo H-line frame system.  The modular engineering allows to combine large scale video walls with frames creating stunning effect.

Click to watch a video of the LED Wall Booth at Las Vegas Mandalay Bay for Exhibitor Live 2019.

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