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Upgrade to a DYNAMIC story-telling Booth in 2022.

What trade show exhibit displays do I need in 2022 and beyond?

The answer: the one that ENGAGES with your AUDIENCE.  There are many questions for an exhibitor when selecting the best trade show display to match your budget and reach your goals.  We are here to answer all your questions. Explore Display categories below and give us a call at 800-821-2241.

We are a duo certified reseller of h-line trade show booth systems designed to make exhibiting easy for you and your wallet.  Do you exhibit at trade shows in different US cities, Canada or Europe? Do you need a partner that is flexible, affordable and easy to work with? We are that partner.


Smartest Exhibit Booth: Click HERE to discover duo Panoramic h-line

▷ One Solution for all size booths with HD Fabric prints.

▷ Safe storage with wooden crate on wheels.

▷ Purchase or RENT with worldwide support 100% Guarantee.

▷ Save on I&D cost with tool-less setup. No EXPERTISE needed.

▷ Free 3D rendering, click HERE to start today!


LED Video Walls Booth Rentals

Ultra High Resolution LED video tiles have never been so affordable and are increasingly seen in small and medium size booths. WOW your audience by integrating astounding animated graphic to your duo h-line booth.

LED Tiles - Video Wall

Aluvision Frame System

Aluvision exhibit frame is a modern system that brings custom modularity to a new level. Although heavier than its duo counterpart, it accepts a variety of substrate and unique accessories including LED video tiles. A great choice for a custom exhibit look at a fraction of the price.

10x10 Lightbox Booth

Backlit Illuminated Displays

Illuminated Backlit displays will continue to expand in 2021 with the introduction of tool-less, easy to carry illuminated artworks printed on backlit SEG fabric to decorate your office or on the show floor. Get ready to shine!

hline Canopy Anyone Home NA 2018

Trade Show Booth Rentals

As an approved contractor at the Pensylvania Convention Center, we can offer affordable full-Service rentals (delivery, set up, dismantle) in Philadelphia. We also provide labor services in all major US cities with inventory in Las Vegas, California, Houston and Orlando. And we can help you abroad (Paris, Amsterdam, and more).

Trade Show Furniture

Trade Show Add-Ons

Dress up your booth with these Displays and Design ideas that can significantly increase your visibility and engagement. Custom flooring, 3D logos, interactive poster screens, stylish furniture and much more…

Custom Printed Tent Canopy

Tents and Outdoor Displays

Canopy Tents, Flags, etc... The various Street Marketing displays are designed to assist our clients during outdoor or indoor market activation or even promotional events. They can be easily deployed and allow for safe and temporary branding of outdoor spaces in a very cost-effective manner. These displays resist the abuse of multiple setups in difficult conditions.


Interactive Gaming Wall

Bring your Event or Trade Show to the NEXT LEVEL with Event Gaming. Our interactive game wall is a powerful tool that actively increases engagement during your indoor & outdoor events & tradeshows. Completely customizable: choice of the duration of the game, the colors of the LEDs, the sounds emitted during impacts, and keep score with our digital scoreboard!

Airborne Visuals Displays to go

Portable Displays TO GO

The fast-delivery Displays To Go Series is our “BEST OF” Collection of PORTABLE TRADE SHOW DISPLAYS for today’s savvy marketers. Budget-conscious and designed to easily brand for indoor or outdoor spaces, the displays often feature HD images printed on fabric. These user-friendly trade show tools are both beautiful and highly effective!

One Planet Web Image

One Planet Eco Fabric Displays

Would you like to reduce the carbon footprint of your exhibit? Since 2020, we have been part of the One Planet Partnership with North Carolina mills that recycle plastic bottles to knit the yarn into printable fabric. One Planet Fabric is intelligently engineered to achieve a highly professional grade, environmentally friendly solution for the soft signage industry.

Rent or Buy our Safe Touchscreen Interactive Sanitizer Kiosk

At your office, event or trade show booth, this interactive Sanitizer kiosk will allow your audience to safety interact with digital contents on the touchscreen.

A modern hand sanitizing, temperature checking, digital station. Learn how Smart Digital Sanitizer Kiosks successfully engage in real time with employees and clients.

Need it Yesterday?

Below are examples of our Collection of Portable Displays with FAST lead time and shipping from California or Pennsylvania.

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Duo-Contour-20x20 LIVE

Most portable 20×20 booth for CocaCola Football event MGM Las Vegas

Ultra-portable, Fast Setup and High Quality 20'x20' Contour Tension Fabric Booth is the solution... read more

Atlantic City LED Wall Police Expo 21

10′ x8′ LED Trade show video wall at Atlantic City Police Expo 2021

10' Trade Show video wall with 2D/3D animation. LED Wall Video is loading.  Click on... read more

Portable Lightbox 10x20

Portable Lightbox 10×20 booth for PSTechnology

PSTechnology needed a booth with backlit panels in for a 20ft booth with Counter... read more

Trade Show Booths

No matter what business you’re in, trade shows can be a huge opportunity to raise your brand recognition, recruit new customers, and communicate with others in your industry.  If you hope to capitalize on all the opportunities presented by trade shows, you’ll need trade show booths that stand out above the rest.  Trade show booth kits from Airborne Visuals can help you ensure your promotional booth gets you the attention you deserve.  As a certified reseller of trade show booths, trade show booth kits, and add-ons such as custom logo flooring, we have everything you need for a successful trade show.

With portable trade show displays, pop-up 10×10 booths, turnkey trade show booth kits, and more, Airborne Visuals has all the supplies to make your booth the star attraction of your next trade show.  Shop our selection of trade show displays including digital interactive displays, trade show hanging banners, LED video walls, and more!  Browse online or give us a call at (800) 821-2241 to find out more about our wide selection of trade show designs, trade show booth kits, and eye-catching accessories.

If you’re searching for trade show designs, 10×10 booths, trade show flooring ideas, or anything else you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors, Airborne Visuals has what you’re looking for.  With so many styles of trade show tents, trade show counters, and all the accessories to customize them, we make it simple to design a promotional booth that potential customers will never forget.

Start by browsing our selection of 10×10 booths and make them your own with custom options to suit any need.  Try one (or all) of the following accessories to make your promotional booth stand out:

  • Digital Interactive Displays
    It’s a fact that engagement and retention of information improve when patrons can interact with trade show booths.  With a cutting edge digital interactive display, guests can walk up to a kiosk and browse pre-programmed menus to find out more about your business at their own convenience.  With the answers to basic questions right at their fingertips, you’ll have more time to focus on face-to-face interactions with other clients, and you will also prevent trade show goers from feeling pressured when they step up to your promotional booth.
  • Portable Digital Signage Display
    Static banners and signage simply don’t cut it anymore in the digital age.  Trade show displays need to be vibrant to get the attention of overstimulated patrons.  Digital signage displays are backlit, so they’ll be impossible to miss; plus, they’re portable for easy transportation, setup, and storage.
  • Trade Show Towers
    Standing out above the rest is easy when you take that phrase literally!  A trade show tower display adds height to trade show booths so they’ll be easy to spot from anywhere on the convention floor.  Add a banner with your logo or some product photos and you can be certain everyone will see your trade show displays no matter where they are in the room.
  • Illuminated Trade Show Displays
    A trade show is your time to shine, and your trade show designs should reflect that.  Backlit trade show displays are a simple and affordable way to make your booth stand out.  Illuminated trade show displays are attractive, lightweight, portable, and can be set up quickly with no tools.  With our backlit displays in your trade show booths, you’ll have no problem cutting through the crowds to get your name out there.

These are just a few ideas for innovative trade show designs that can help you improve your conversion rate and get the most from your trade show experience.  Mix and match from our extensive inventory of 10×10 booths, portable trade show displays, and everything else you need to get lots of leads at your next trade show.

Eye Catching Trade Show Booths

When shopping trade show booths and trade show designs at Airborne Visuals, the only limit is your imagination!  Combine our attention-grabbing digital and backlit trade show displays with low-tech standbys to get the most bang for your buck.  For example, where would you be without a hanging banner?  They may not be high tech, but these simple, effective, and affordable trade show displays can give patrons all over the trade show a line of sight on your booth.

Or what about a trade show booth truss?  These customizable metal structures give you a lot of options in terms of shape, height, and configuration and can be adapted to any size trade show booths, whether you’re using standard 10×10 booths or you need to fill a larger space.  With a truss in your promotional booth, your trade show displays will be so much more visible and much more likely to catch the attention of the patrons at your event.  Square, circular, semi-circular, or rectangular; we have trusses to fit all portable trade show displays so you can take your trade show designs to the next level.

Is your trade show outdoors?  Our lightweight and durable trade show tents are perfect for outdoor exhibitions.  We have tent trade show designs that will fit in standard 10×10 booths as well as a range of other sizes and configurations to fit any space.  Rent or buy; we can also customize your tent trade show booth kits with solid color or logo canopies made from a special water-resistant material.  No matter where you’re taking your portable trade show displays, they’ll be safe from the elements under one of our tents.

Trade Shows and Exhibits Do Not Need to be Stressful or Expensive 

At Airborne Visuals, we make it simple and affordable for you to take the trade show designs in your head and make them a reality.  Try one of our trade show booth kits for a guaranteed streamlined installation.  Filling out 10×10 booths is a breeze with our trade show booth kits!  Not only do our trade show booth kits make it much easier to transport and set up your trade show designs, they’re also affordable for business owners on a budget.  If you’re looking to own your portable trade show displays, we can provide affordable solutions that will last you for years to come.  If a long-term solution isn’t in your budget, we can rent you turnkey trade show booths that will help you make an impression on potential customers as you grow your brand.

Trade show exhibit design is a constantly evolving field.  Getting a leg up on your competitors means always striving to come up with the most innovative trade show designs and updating them to fall in line with the latest trends.  At Airborne Visuals, we eat, sleep, and breathe trade show displays.  That’s why, when you buy or rent your trade show booth kits from us, you can be certain you’re getting the most up-to-date trade show booths and accessories.

Whether you’re looking to rent or own turnkey trade show booth kits, you want new ideas for trade show designs, or you need custom trade show booths, you’ll find everything you need for 2020 and beyond right here on our site.  Browse at your own convenience or call (800) 821-2241 to speak to one of our representatives about your ideas.